24 December 2006

Cyberhugs For Annie Wilkins!

My best new Prague friend Robbie Wilkins is a documentary filmmaker and a typical posterchild for the 'Creative Class'. We observe, think, dream, plan, analyze, and create together, shaping history with every breath. Prior to coming to Prague, Robbie intended to move to... Portland. But since I was leaving Portland to come here, he must have sensed a flux in the universe and came to Prague to prepare for my arrival instead (a rather self-centered perspective, but nonetheless true to my perception).

So this gets better... Robbie's sister Annie is moving to Portland. Here is Annie's blog - and though I've not met her, her editorial blog-eye suggests she's every bit as dynamic a soul as her brother. Please, Portland friends, welcome Annie Wilkins to our fair city on the Left Coast (the American city that tries harder than any other to be 'European' - and almost succeeds).


Carrie said...

Merry Christmas Jason - from Grandpa Jack, Freda, Gregg, Cheri, and Carrie (Grant's in Puerto Rico)

r-fresh said...

I guess if I am a typical poster child of anything, it may as well be something that is in conflict to industial and old hat US standard of progression. Don't know if the US will benefit from my life, but I figure I will.

Thanks for the love and looking our for sis.

Little_Wilkins said...

And a lingering cyber hug back to YOU my American internet friend! Yes, Portland is calling. I hope she is as excited as I am. I'm going to be living on NE 16th and Alberta-ish...i think. Any homies in that hood I should look for? Happy New Year!