07 October 2007

Czechs & Slovaks in American History

The Library of Congress offers a "European Reading Room" with a special projects section on their website. Each provides a historical timeline for the important contributions of particular immigrants to helping shape the USA, or what is most commonly referred to as "America" when abroad (sorry, Canada).

Czechs in American History

Slovaks in American History

There are also links to pages on the Finns, Germans, Portuguese & Luxembourgers on the main Special Projects page.

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golftooter said...

Jason, this leaves out an entire Moravian community here in North Carolina that was deeded the Wachovia Tract in about 1760. Before that they had tried to go to Georgia and work with the Indians of the area.

A number of our relatives on the Coppess side of your family (a Mock girl married a Coppess boy) are buried in Moravian cemetaries here in the Winston-Salem area.

There is even a town named Mocksville.

The Moravian church is still thriving here in this area, although there are still the same number of churches as in the original tract.