14 December 2006

Self-Inflicted Euro Haircut - Part Deux

Well I told you they were coming, so here they are - pics of my first ever self-inflicted haircut (unless Mom remembers another time when I was a wee lad?). Anyway, this was a huge milestone for me, letting go my desire for a 'professional' and simply trusting in my own perfectionist tendencies. And I saved a few bucks along the way.

The tools... small pair of dull scissors, which I could barely fit my fingers into... small mirror, about 2"x3"... and a rubber band off some vegetables (I don't remember what kind).

The remnants of my wooly winter fluff.
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The results (after an hour or so): Voila! Euro Haircuts rock! Please note that it looked much better after a wash, and looks great now since it's got its curl back.

Thank you for your fascination.


Carrie said...

I like your shower curtain . . . and haircut! Great accomplishment with only sewing kit scissors!


why, thank you! i've gotten several compliments since the curl returned... at first i was telling folks i did it myself, but now i just let'em think i had it done at an expensive euro salon, lol.