02 February 2007

IKEA Job Interview

For those who've ever purchased from IKEA, you'll understand this better than most. The most ironic thing about IKEA products is that I've never needed to consult with their assembly instructions (very easy to assemble), yet they come in more languages than you can imagine.


whisperer said...

So your saying your a smartie pants!; We knew that. I bought a plug for my bathroom drain once-it came with directions-now I am not that stupid, but apparently some one thinks I am.

Funny cartoon.

golftooter said...

But maybe you were to follow the interviewer's instructions. Does that mean you should sit on the floor, or walk out the door with the parts?

I alway wonder when I use my debit card and it asks me to "swipe my card". Should I report the card as stolen?

Carrie said...

did you ever get an alarm clock?


yeah, i got an alarm clock - and it came from IKEA ;)