28 August 2008

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter "Dallas" Lost at Sea

Hmmm... U.S. Coast Guard cutter "Dallas" seems to have gotten lost, since (last time I checked) THE U.S. COAST IS NOWHERE NEAR THE BLACK SEA.

thisislondon.co.uk article
(with pic of "Dallas" arriving in Batumi, Georgia - a port on the Black Sea)

official US Coast Guard photo on flickr
(of "Dallas" at a port in Crete, Greece)

It doesn't matter whether the Coast Guard cutter ship is there "for humanitarian reasons" or not, it's the type of action that makes the US look either a) aggressive, b) stupid, or c) both a & b.


Anonymous said...

Official mission of the United States Coast Guard:

"As one of the five armed forces and the smallest armed service of the United States, its stated mission is to protect the public, the environment, and the United States economic and security interests in any maritime region in which those interests may be at risk, including international waters and America's coasts, ports, and inland waterways."

Do your research before you start insulting the Coast Guard ass hole.


Dear Anonymous, such courage you have taking such a name! If you'll read your own posted "official mission" statement, you'll notice that the name "U.S. Coast Guard" is thus a lie. Perhaps we should change the name to "Global Coast Guard."

If it hadn't flown right over your head, Anonymous, you'd have gotten my point that the US "economic and security interests" are a bit out of control.

My "insulting the Coast Guard" (as you put it) is not such at all, but rather an assessment of US foreign policies gone awry.