17 June 2009

Market Research - Data That Matters

On 24 July 2008, Last.fm showed the following figures:

Uncle Tupelo
  • Listeners: 76,728
  • Plays: 1,105,499
Son Volt
  • Listeners: 46,355
  • Plays: 648,940
  • Listeners: 492,169
  • Plays: 17,326,297
  • Listeners: 52,068
  • Plays: 792,006
  • Listeners: 59,864
  • Plays: 1,297,201

Jay Farrar
  • Listeners: 18,467
  • Plays: 148,837
Jeff Tweedy
  • Listeners: 34,192
  • Plays: 527,717
Ryan Adams
  • Listeners: 329,524
  • Plays: 12,038,710
Billy Bragg & Wilco
  • Listeners: 90,978
  • Plays: 1,334,270

05 January 2009

First Translation of Celine's *Journey to the End of the Night* was to Czech

Here's an great tidbit on Celine and translation, reported by Eurozine as featured content of Revolver Review #70, the contents of which are unfortunately not available in English (though the excerpt is). I've been trying to learn Czech (and Slovak) for two years, partly so I can read stuff like this, as well as a plethora of Czecho-Slovak underground literature known as Samizdat.

  • The very first translation of Louis-Ferdinand Céline's Journey to the End of the Night was into Czech, reveals Anna Kareninová in Revolver Revue. Exactly 75 years ago, Céline happened to come to Prague for the first time. There he met the German filmmaker Karl Junghans, who had directed German and Czech films, including Takovy je zivot / Such is Life. Having seen the film in France and admired it greatly, Céline had a spontaneous idea for collaboration: "Although I do not understand [film] and am not sure whether a film could be made of it, I know that you are the only director in the world who could film Journey to the End of the Night according to my conception." Like many of the best ideas, it never came to fruition.

It's interesting to note that Celine himself wished for a Czech or German film version of the novel, if one was to ever be made. I can't help but wonder what Milos Forman or Jan Svankmajer would do if they had a go at it.